Debt rescheduling – cheap loan or mortgage repayments

Debt restructuring is an important issue, especially for real estate loans. The following table shows the best providers for debt rescheduling with a loan amount of over $ 50,000 for construction projects. Read more at Reasons for debt restructuring You have made several loan commitments to different banks, the dates for the installment payments

New Age Debt Reunification

Mortgage loans whose purpose is the reunification of loans and debts have traditionally been the bad views of their guild. If we add to that the bad reputation generated by brokers or financial intermediaries with hardly any training and / or ethics, the ingredients for an urban legend are served. Grouping debts based on a

Private debt the next Chinese bubble

After the beginning of the financial crisis in 2007, both emerging and developed countries were forced to react with all the tools they had available. China’s strategy was to boost domestic consumption to compensate for the economic weakness of Europe and the United States by launching large fiscal and monetary stimulus plans. Indebtedness of the

How to get out of debt?

How to get out of debt ? The only way to get out of debt is to make more than to spend. This means increasing income or reducing spending. Since both of these things are not easy to do, you need to work on both things at the same time. Often high costs come from

How to calculate your debt capacity?

Months without interest are one of the main advantages offered by a credit card, however, rarely teach us the key aspects that we must consider to use this means of payment. An essential aspect that you must take into account when using a credit card is your ability to borrow, that is, the amount of